Sunday, October 11, 2009


Are You Out Of Cigarettes? Well Guess What? So Am I!

Yes that's right! I am out of cigarettes again!

I was going pretty good during the beginning of this month but I ran out of cigarettes a few days ago!

There's about $2 in my bank account right now which I can't even withdraw because the $2 is such an odd number. If I had something like maybe $ 7 or $8 - then I could take out $5 and get a pack of cheap cigarettes!

My adsense money won't be coming until the week after next!

My last donation was about a year and a half ago.

I was trying to make the law of attraction work for me again but I think I'm trying too hard! I have posted quite a few times on this blog about how the law of attraction has worked for me in the past when I wanted to manifest some cigarettes. I have been trying to do that again now but I think that I am just trying too hard!

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